Luxury Party live music band

“We live and perform for the passion of music”

Who we are

Based in the Principality of Monaco on the glamorous French Riviera. The Goldsingers is an international bespoke musical concept composed of multi-talented artists. Their vibrant and energetic shows have won over and built up an international, very demanding and loyal clientele over the years. For your events, the Goldsingers’ vocal and visual performance, dynamism and extensive repertoire will mesmerize any audience’s expectations. The Goldsingers, creators of the DJ Live musical concept, is composed of female and male artists, should it be singer or musicians such as saxophonist, percussionist, violinist… which enable a unique and memorable performance.


Our Presentation

We invite you to download our 2018 presentation on which you will be able to find further details and photos of our concept. You can choose between the English or French version.